torsdag 23. juli 2015


 Design, Andreas Engesvik.

The Bunad Blanket is a new product category that encompasses recognizable aspects from the bunad tradition. Bunads are composed of color in proportion – that means compostition and disposition of surfaces. The bunad is further composed in a series of different materials and techniques such as embroidery, detail seam, pearls, wool, linen, metal and so on. The Bunad Blankets represents a simplification and transferring of the Norwegian folk costumes. The Bunad Blanket introduces this rich tradition into our daily environments and interiors.
The Bunad Blankets are developed in co-operation with Mandal Veveri and are woven from pure wool in Mandal.

I`m thrilled to announce that Andreas Engesvik is coming to the fair 16-18 oct. in Grieghallen, Bergen. He will show some of his best products and talk about his handwork.

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